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The proportion of the Jewish population to other residents of East London in 1899

  • 95-100%
  • 75-95%
  • 50-75%
  • 25-50%
  • 5-25%
  • < 5%
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About the map:

A reproduction from the Old House Books of the Jewish East London map from 1899, commissioned by the Toynbee Trust to illustrate the distribution of Jewish community in the Whitechapel and Spitafields area, although coverage extends much further out: north beyond the Bethnal Green Road, east to the Tower Hamlets Cemetery, and south beyond Cable Street.

The map was drawn by George Arkell, a cartographer who had previously worked on Charles Booth’s London Poverty Maps, and uses the same method of colour-coding: six different colours showing street-by-street the density of Jewish population from between 95% to 100% in parts of Whitechapel to less than 5% further out. The map was based on information supplied by London School Board Visitors who worked in the area.

Jewish East London Map
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