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Alderney Road Cemetery

Alderney Road

Basic Information

Found behind Queen Mary's College, Mile End is the oldest Ashkenazi cemetery in the UK.  Acquired in 1696 by Benjamin Levy and contains the graves of several celebrated rabbis - including the 'Baal Shem' of London Samuel Falk (died in 1782) and Chief Rabbi David Tevele Schiff who (died in 1791). Among the prominent people buried here are members of the Franks family, including Aaron Franks, a founder of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and his daughter Phila Franks (d.1765), a beauty who was painted by Thomas Gainsborough and Joshua Reynolds; members of the Hart family, including Moses Hart and his daughter Judith Levy, founders of the Great Synagogue, Moses also bequeathing money to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, and Aaron Hart (1709-1756), the first Chief Rabbi of the Ashkenazim community in Britain; David Tevele Schiff (1765-1791), the second Chief Rabbi of England.

It was extended in 1749 and a granite plaque records that: 'Within this cemetery lie the mortal remains of the founders, lay readers and rabbis of the Ashkenazim community of this country'. The cemetery was closed in 1852 but remained with a resident caretaker. There are many fine tombs and a number of notable trees in the cemetery, which is surrounded by high brick walls.

Heritage designation:
Listed structures: LBII: Burial Ground Walls



Alderney Road Stepney


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