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On this page you will find a directory of questions that you may have about the site, what is on it and what it can do. We will be continuously adding to this list, so please get in touch if you cannot find an answer to a query you may have - it may help us develop the project.

Discover: What is this section, how to explore and contribute

  • 1.What is the Discover area about?
  • 2.What is the Explore area?
  • 3.What are History Windows and how many are there?
  • 4.Can I download material from the site?
  • 5.What is a Resource Bank?
  • 6.Can I search the Resource Bank?
  • 7.What are the tags on Windows or Archives?
  • 8.What is a Collection?
  • 9.Can I offer a Collection to the site?
  • 10.Why is there a Timeline?
  • 11.Why are there different maps?
  • 12.What is Find Someone?

Personal Records: Creating and maintaining

  • 1.Where do I begin?
  • 2.What if I don’t have a relative to make a profile for, but I want to be part of the project?
  • 3.How do I upload stories and facts to my profile?
  • 4.How do I add the Personal Record to an event or group they were involved in? Like a Regiment?
  • 5.How do I begin a ‘Group Record’?
  • 6.Is the information being made public?
  • 7.How do I share my Personal Record with others?
  • 8.How do I download or print out the personal record?
  • 9.Is We Were There Too only interested in people who fought in the First World War?
  • 10.Do I need to know a lot of information to get started?
  • 11.How long is the site open for to add information as I learn about the person?
  • 12.Can the information I provide be changed by anyone else?
  • 13.What if someone recognises a Record for example, and wants to contact me?
  • 14.What is a Testimony?
  • 15.How do I load-up a story?
  • 16.How do I add documents etc to the Testimony?
  • 17.Can I add 3D objects?
  • 18.Does We Were There Too keep any original document or items?
  • 19.What can I do if I decide I no longer want to keep the original items?
  • 20.Still not 100% clear as to what I am supposed to do to create a Personal Record?
  • 21.Do I get a once-only opportunity to load up a Record?
  • 22.Do I need to provide only completely verified information?
  • 23.What about inappropriate material on the site?

Remember them: A place of memorial online

  • 1.What is the Memorial Wall?
  • 2.How does the Yarhzeit work?
  • 3.Why is it important to honour and commemorate people here?
  • 4.I would like to Memorialise the Personal Record I created for someone, how do I do that?
  • 5.I would like to Memorialise someone I didn’t create the record for, can I do that?
  • 6.Do I have to pay to memorialise (create a yahrzeit) someone?
  • 7.Where can these Memorialisations be seen?
  • 8.What does a permanent memorial mean?
  • 9.What happens if I want to create a ‘Yahrzeit’ but I only know the Year of Death and not a Day or a Month (DD/MM)?

Volunteering: Would you like to get more involved?

  • 1.I would like to be more involved; what can I do?
  • 2.Are there volunteer opportunities for young people?

Your account: Important information and data protection

  • 1.How do I sign up and why do I need to?
  • 2.How do I manage my account settings & reset passwords

About: What is this project going to achieve and who is involved?

  • 1.What is the We Were There Too Project?
  • 2.What are the main areas of the site?
  • 3.Who is We Were There Too working with?
  • 4.Do you have a Press or Media area?
  • 5.Do you offer Volunteer opportunities


  • 1.What is the Education tab?
  • 2.Can this part of the site be isolated from the main site?
  • 3.I am a teacher, can I share my lesson plan that uses your materials?
  • 4.Do you have any assembly or lesson outlines?

Accessibility help for this site

  • 1.How do I make the size of text bigger?
  • 2.How do I change the fonts so I can read the site more easily?
  • 3.I need to magnify the site more to see it, how do I do this?
  • 4.Where can I get further help accessing this site?
  • 5.Can I change the screen colours to help me read the site better?
  • 6.Can I make the cursor or 'mouse pointer' bigger to help me use the site more easily?

Give us your feedback

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