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Build your own Personal Record

You can help us to preserve social history, by finding out as much as you can about someone who lived during the First World War and creating a personal record for them, so that their experiences can be conserved for future generations.

Start a Personal Record

Whatever your age, knowledge of the First World War, research experience or understanding of computers, if you think you have a family member who lived in London during the war, or are interested to research a name on the Book of Honour, a Synagogue Board, a gravestone or a host of other memorials then we will help you to find out more about them and build a Personal Record.


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Find Somone

Use our digitised resources to find a person living in First World War London. We have searchable versions of the British Jewry Book of Honour and Kelly’s Directories, plus access to Commonwealth War Graves Commision information in the form of our handy widget.


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London Jews in the First World War - We Were There Too

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