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Manchester Great and New Synagogue

140 Knowsley Street

Basic Information

Manchester Great and New Synagogue (also known as Stenecourt Synagogue)

The early Jewish settlers worshipped at Garden Street (c.1796) and from 1806 a converted warehouse in Ainsworth's Court off Long Millgate. In 1824 they moved to a custom-built synagogue in Halliwell Street. 17 August 1856 Irreconcilable split between Reform Association and the rest of the Old Manchester Congregation- the two groups become the Orthodox Great Synagogue and Manchester Congregation of British Jews.

Halliwell Street Synagogue was replaced by the Manchester Great Synagogue on 140 Cheetam Hill Road. It was designed by Thomas Bird and consecrated on 11 March 1858.

The Manchester New Synagogue and Bethamidrash was built on 122 Cheetham Hill Road in 1888-1889 and opened 1889. It has a seating capacity of 400 and a Bethamidrash (House of Study) for 200 readers. It founders were mostly shopkeepers, travellers and workshop masters of Russo-Polish origin.

On 27 Dec 1964 the Manchester Great Synagogue amalgamated under the name of "Manchester Great and New Synagogue" (this was the name of the congregation until the incorporation of the Central & North Manchester Synagogue in September 2008). In 1974 the Great and New Synagogue moved to the Great's former 'Crumpsall branch' at Stenecourt.


Build completed:



140 Knowsley Street Manchester


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