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Discover more about the Jews in the First World War with our expertly curated History Windows, where you will find a wealth of material to search through.

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The Jewish World 12/01/1916

Russia or Britain – take your pick!

Immigrant Jews who had arrived in the UK before 1914 did not need to become naturalised in order to live and work in the UK and some never did.

Jewish nurses. The British Jewry Book of Honour.

Jewish Nurses, VADs and Military Hospitals.

An assessment at the start of war calculated that there were approximately 50,000 beds available. By the end of 1914 there some 73,000 injured had already been brought home.

Map of Ruhleben Camp. Ruhleben prison Camp Magazine. December 1915.

Ruhleben internment camp

In autumn 1914 following the outbreak of war citizens from the different Allied countries that were living, travelling or working in Germany were interned.

Zeppelin over David's Tower and the Jerusalem Citadel. 1931

Zeppelins – Attack from the air

In 1900, Count von Zeppelin, a retired German General, built his first airship, which became known as a Zeppelin.

HMS KILDWICK in dazzle camouflage. Surgeon Oscar Parkes. © IWM (SP 2065)

Strategic Camouflage.

Solomon Joseph Solomon, pioneer in the introduction of camouflage techniques to the British Armed Forces, was born in London on 16 September 1860.

Jewish Victoria Cross Recipients

The Victoria Cross (VC) was introduced by Queen Victoria in 1857 as the highest award for gallantry.

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