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Liverpool Hebrew Schools, Hope Place

Liverpool Hebrew Schools Hope Place L1 9BG

Basic Information

On December 17th, 1840 seven gentlemen gathered at the Angel Hotel on Dale St to establish a committee of inquiry into the educational needs of the ‘poor of the Hebrew faith’ in Liverpool. They set up the first Hebrew School in England, outside London of which Hope Place is included.

In May the committee appointed Mr J Lindenthal as Hebrew teacher in the Society school at a salary of £20 per year. They obtained rooms from Mrs Blevins in Suffolk St (Hannah, wife of a printer with a very large family) for a weekly rent of 5s., where they aimed to ‘afford a good plain English education as well as Hebrew and religious instruction’.

The school opened on 21st June 1841 with 10 boys, rising to 28 by April 1842. The girls’ department was established in February 1844, and an Infants’ Department from 1875. The school was based in Nelson St (at the former Whitnall’s School) and at 7, Slater St before finally moving into the new school building on the corner of Pilgrim St and Hope Place in May 1854. It was built next to the Synagogue which closed in 1937; now site of the Unity Theatre.

The school was supported by a number of charitable institutions, including the Ladies’ Soup Committee (from November 1854) and the Jewish Boys’ Clothing Society (from July 1867). Old Boys’ and Old Girls’ Associations were established from the turn of the 20th Century.

Build completed:



Liverpool Hebrew Schools Hope Place L1 9BG Liverpool
L1 9BG


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