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Cheetwood Junior & Infant School

Waterloo Road

Basic Information

A new school building was erected and opened 16 September 1889  with accommodation for 1,250 children. It was built to take pupils from the Strangeways Boy's Board School (formerly Joynson Street) and Bury New Road Girls Board School. The school was opened Sep 1889 as Waterloo Road Board School . The school had a large number of Jewish pupils, who made up four-fifths of the school population by 1907. The majority of these pupils were new arrivals in the UK. The school was evacuated to Darwen 1 September 1939 and was reopened as a single department 15 Jan 1940. In April 1940 those pupils still in Darwen merged with a local school and  1 July 1940 the school opened again as 3 separate departments. In early 1941 some children were evacuated to Colne.  From 1941-July 1959 the school shared the premises with Manchester Jews' School. The Jewish Infant and Junior Departments moved to new premises in July 1953 and pupils from Southall Street transferred to Waterloo Road and the merged school was named Cheetwood County Primary School. It was renamed Cheetwood Junior and Infant School 1 January 1971.

Build completed:



Waterloo Road
M8 8EJ


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