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Tolerance and Inclusivity

Tolerance and Inclusivity means that all religious groups are free to practice their faith without intimidation and that different political views can be held and expressed without persecution or prosecution. It also ensures that all groups can participate and contribute fully to the society around them.

In this lesson, Tolerance and Inclusivity are explored by examining the ways in which the British authorities allowed different groups from different backgrounds to be involved with the British military during the First World War.

What discrimination was there against Jews living in or representing Britain during the First World War period?

1. Ask the students to read the stories of the men and women in the records below:

On paper, create a Facebook page for each of the people above based on the information that you have.

2. Working in groups, ask the students to each read/look at two of the History Windows listed below.

On a piece of A4 paper ask the students to make two columns – one list of positive things they can identify in the text and one that lists negative experiences.

3. Ask the students to use the information they have to decide the following:

– Were Jews treated unfairly during the First World War by the British authorities?
– Did Britain treat Jews differently to the way they were treated in other countries?
– Were British Jews no different to other groups in British society?

Core theme - Commonalities:

Using the information ask the students to create a statement on common values of tolerance and how they can be demonstrated in wartime and in peace time.

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