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Is something fair? Does everyone have the same opportunity and the same access to society? Fairness ensures that the same opportunities exist for everyone in British life and institutions.

In this lesson, the British Armed Services of the First World War period are examined to assess their attitude to minority groups – British Jews, to discuss if they were treated fairly.

Were British Jews treated fairly in the Armed forces during the First World War?

1. Ask students to read the History Window on the Royal Navy and the two personal records below.

Ask the students to create a career map for either of the men discussed.

Reduce the History Window on Faith in the Frontline to 3 main points.

2. Working online, ask the students to explore the information on the British Jewry Book of Honour and in the History Windows below.

Then ask the students to answer the following questions and to supply evidence for their answers:

– Were Jewish men allowed to be commissioned officers before the war?
– Were Jewish men only allowed to be NCO’s during the war?
– Were Jews only allowed to serve with other Jews?
– Were British Jews not awarded for their bravery?

3. Take a vote on whether British Jews were treated fairly during the First World War in the services.

Core theme – alternatives:

If the British government did not treat people with fairness during the First World War, what would be the consequences for those who were expected to serve?

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London Jews in the First World War - We Were There Too

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