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A guide to recording your artefacts 

How to record different types of artefact for digital preservation 

This guide has been put together to help you record and label your items properly when adding them to the website, whether you have a collection of items, or just one; we would like to ensure we create a consistent record for every entry that goes onto the website, so every addition plays a clear, useful and easily referenced part of this growing digital museum. 

We consider this the bedrock of the site, preserving both memories and items online for generations to come and for people today to learn about the lives of Jews in London during the First World War. By adding an item and following these guidelines you will enable people to experience more about the individuals during the time and have a greater, more personal insight into the Jewish community’s commitment to the war time effort. 

If it is of unique significance, we may be able to help you preserve it with three-dimensional scanning. If you feel you may have something worth preserving in this way, or you would like to talk to an expert about your artefact before you add it to the collection, please contact historian@jewsww1.London 

Below is advice for all kinds of general objects you might have, click on one to see how we would best advise you to record it.

Contact us about a special collection 

If you feel you may have a large collection of images, which aren’t necessarily relevant to a personal record, and you would like to talk to an expert about adding it as a gallery to our Collections section, please contact contactus@jewsfww.london

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London Jews in the First World War - We Were There Too

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