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Philip Marcus Levy "Phil"

2 Kislev 5679 (06 November 1918)

Basic Information

Unique reference:


Date of birth:
Place of birth:


Date of death:
2 Kislev 5679 (06 November 1918)
Died in combat?:
Place of death:
Cause of death:
Died of wounds
Burial place:
Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension



Family Home:
24 Frederick Street, Sutherland (1911)
Family home:
174 Linthorpe Avenue, Middlesboro (1918)


Bede Collegiate School


Moore Street Synagogue, Sunderland
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Philip Marcus Levy

The Fallen (Jewish Chronicle)

Lance Corpl. Philip Marcus Levy was the elder son of Mrs Levy of 174 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, formerly of Sunderland, and the late Mr Joseph Levy, and a nephew of the Rev S Levy, M.A. He joined the Yorkshire Regt in August 1917, was sent to Italy in November 1917 and transferred to France in October 1918. He was severely wounded in action on November 4th and died from his wounds on 6th November at a casualty clearing station. He was twenty-one years of age. The Rev. Arthur Barnett, Senior Jewish Chaplain, conducted the funeral service on November 8th.
Levy was a devoted son and brother, and possessed an intense affection for his home and family circle. He was of a generous and unselfish disposition, of a modest nature, always thoughtful and ever ready to be of service to others. He had a quiet humour and unaffected in manner, he was beloved by all who knew him. He was highly patriotic, very keen on his military work and performed his soldier's duties in the gay spirit of youthful adventure.
In his messages to his kith and kin, he showed a gift of writing, which always made his letters a delight far beyond his immediate home circle. He was eager and fearless and always bright and cheery. He never murmured against the rigors of winter in the Italian mountains or the discomforts of camp life, but would write with pleasant humour of the novelty after many months of a knife and fork and a clean tablecloth, when spending a few days behind the line. He walked in simpleness and gentleness and honour and innocent mirth until he trod the path which leads to God. He was such a happy warrior that there are many to whom he was deservedly an object of friendship and affection, who sincerely share the grief of his own dear ones that he was denied, by the space of only a few days, the proud privilege of being able to rejoice in the victory of his country's cause he had helped to win. The memory of Levy's sacrifice will long be cherished, not only by his own home circle, but also by all those who were attracted to him by his modest bearing, his kindly temperament, his happy and unselfish disposition and his high character - From S.L.

The death of Lance-Corpl. Phil Levy, eldest son of Mrs J. Levy of Newport Road, Middlesbrough, has deprived our congregation of another useful and promising life. The deceased was not quite twenty-one years old. Twice he volunteered for service but was not accepted on account of his young age. Two years ago he had his wish gratified. He served first in Italy, then went to France. He was seriously wounded on the 4th of this months and succumbed to his injuries two days later. Phil Levy liked a busy life. He loved his work and spoke fondly about the coloured prospects of his career. In addition to a high sense of duty, he had many personal charms; not the least were his modesty and calm dignity. His death will be a dreadful blow to his widowed mother, who looked to the approaching manhood of her son with growing confidence and hope, and whose affectionate devotion was a consoling support to her. May the almighty enable her to bear this grievous loss! - From the Rev. W. Hirsch, B.A.



Rupert Hyam Levy (male)


Father: Joseph Levy (male)
Mother: Emily Levy (female)


Military Record

Military service:
Military record no.:
Date enlisted/conscripted:
01 August 1917
Date discharged/death:
06 November 1918
Rank at discharge/death:
Lance Corporal
Yorkshire Regiment
9th Battalion (Green Howards)

Roll of Honour

P. M. LEVY, 06 November 1918

Commonwealth Graves Commission

Date of Death:
Regiment / service:
9th Bn., Yorkshire Regiment
Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension
Grave reference:
II. C. 35.
Additional information:

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