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Jews’ Free School First World War Magazines.

The Jewish Free School (JFS) was established in 1732 as the Talmud Torah of the Great Synagogue of London, serving orphans of the community. 

In 1822, it was relocated to Bell Lane in the heart of the East End where, throughout the 19th century, it absorbed thousands of immigrant children. At one time, JFS had 4,000 children on its roll and was the largest school in the world. Since approximately one third of London’s Jewish children were educated there, it is fair to estimate that one in 3 of the Jewish boys from London who enlisted in the British forces had attended the school.  

In this History Window the JFS wartime magazine is examined, with an overview to the collection provided by Lola Fraser and excerpts covering matters relating to the war.

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London Jews in the First World War - We Were There Too

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