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CA Mathew: Photographs of Spitalfields a Century Ago.

Series of black and white images, which capture the people and streets of 1912 Spitalfields, and revealing the daily life of this area. 

C.A. Mathew was actually based in Essex and is thought to have taken these photos while travelling to nearby Liverpool Street Station on the morning of April 20th 1912. These are the only surviving body of work by Mathew, who started out in photography just a year before these images were taken, and it is not known for what purpose he chose this subject.

The collection of C.A. Mathew’s work is now housed at Bishopsgate Institute

  • White Lion St
  • Steward Street and Artillery Lane
  • Artillery Lane looking towards Artillery Passage
  • Middlesex Street with Sandy's Row
  • Devonshire Square
  • Crispin Strreet, corner of Duval Street
  • Cutler Street corner of Harrow Alley
  • Spital Square
  • Norton Folgate
  • Bishopsgate and Norton Folgate
  • Middlesex Street on site of Sandy's Row
  • Frying Pan Alley
  • Sandy's Row, corner of Frying Pan Alley
  • Widegate Street looking towards Artillery Passage and Sandy's Row
  • Middlesex Street from Bishopsgate
  • Sandy's Row
  • Spital Square
  • Brushfield Street
  • Arillery Lane from Bishopsgate
  • Wheler Street

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