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Ben-Uri Art Gallery and Museum. Jewish Artist and the First World War

This collection shows the work of eight Jewish Artists during the First World War

The artists are David Bomberg, Jacob Eptstein, Mark Gertler, Jacob Kramer, Bernard Meninsky, Isaac Rosenberg, Clare Winsten and Alfred A Wolmark.

This collection is housed at Ben-Uri Art Gallery and Museum.

  • At the Window by Bomberg, David. 1919. © Ben Uri
  • Rabbi and Rabbitzin by Gertler, Mark. 1914. ©Ben Uri
  • Landscape by Winsten, Clare. ©Ben Uri
  • Ghetto Theatre by Bomberg, David. 1920. © Ben Uri
  • Portrait of a Girl by Gertler, Mark. 1907. ©Ben Uri
  • Design for a Programme by Kramer, Jacob. 1920. ©Ben Uri
  • Two Women and Child by Meninsky, Bernard. 1913. ©Ben Uri
  • Portrait of Sonia by Rosenberg, Isaac. 1915. ©Ben Uri
  • Self-Portrait in Steel Helmet by Rosenberg, Isaac. 1915. ©Ben Uri
  • Talmudic Discussion by Rothenstein, William. 1905. ©Ben Uri
  • The Breakfast Table by Solomon, Solomon J. 1921. ©Ben Uri
  • Portrait of Mrs Ethel Solomon in Riding Habit by Wolmark, Alfred. 1909. © Ben Uri
  • Portrait of Joseph Leftwich by Winsten, Clare. 1919. © Ben Uri
  • Fourteen Illustrations to the works of Israel Zangwill, vol. 13, The Cockpit by Wolwark, Alfred. 1925. © Ben Uri
  • In the Synagogue by Wolmark, Alfred. 1906. © Ben Uri
  • Self-portrait by Wolmark, Alfred. 1902. © Ben Uri
  • Sabbath Afternoon by Wolmark, Alfred. 1909. © Ben Uri
  • Circular Design for Ben Uri Art Society by Berson, Lazar. 1915. © Ben Uri
  • Racehorses by Bomberg, David. 1913. © Ben Uri
  • Sappers Under Hill by Bomberg, David. 1919. © Ben Uri
  • The Day of the Atonement by Kramer Jacob. 1919. ©Ben Uri
  • Attack by Winsten, Clare. 1910. ©Ben Uri

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