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Samson Cohen

29 Iyyar 5725 (31 May 1965)

Basic Information

Unique reference:


Date of birth:
Place of birth:


Date of death:
29 Iyyar 5725 (31 May 1965)
Died in combat?:
Place of death:
Cause of death:
Old age



Parents' home:
67 Cleveland Street Euston Road (1911)
Sisters' marriage reception:
113 Ladbroke Grove (1916)


St Mary's School
Year started:
Ewshott Camp
Year started:
Year left:
Duke of Yorks Military Training School - Fort Burgoyne
Year started:
Year left:


Notting Hill Shul
Aldershot Shul
Great Synagogue, Duke street
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Samson Cohen

Diary Entry - arriving at Dover, 22 July 1916

After waiting for about an hour or more we were formed once again, outside an office the first Clerk called my name and he asked me what was my business & I told him, he then asked what my religion was, I then told him a Hebrew.

Diary Entry - Army Uniforms, 24 July 1916

We were then formed into a line according to our numbers in rotation, and we were then called and they gave us, each one the same 2 pair Suits, 2 pair Boots, 1 pair slippers, 3 Flannel shirts, 1 Vest, 1 pants, comb, tooth brush, clothes brush, boot brushes, 3 pair socks, 1 towel, needles, buttons, thread, 1 Karki overcoat, 1 cardigan Jacket, Polish for boots etc. When I received my kit, I went to my tent and changed my civilian clothes for Karki.

Diary Entry - Exempt from Church Parade, 30 July 1916

On Sunday morning the 30th They all went to Church Parade, but I did not go as I do not belong to the Church.

Diary Entry - Zeppelin Spotting, 02 August 1916

I got up when the siren went off it was 1-20A.M. the searchlights were playing looking for enemy aircraft, I and my comrades then heard the buzzing of engines and in a second the searchlights caught a Zeppelin in the rays, she looked like a cigarette in the sky she was very high up, the guns were firing all the time they had the Zepp in view in a few seconds she disappeared and the firing ceased and the two of our own aeroplanes went up, to see if they could find the Zepp. Our aeroplanes were a sight worth seeing. They go up with two lights in front and one light on the back. They went up very high.

Diary Entry - German Bombings on the Camp, 12 August 1916

At 12-30 we had a visit of German Seaplanes I heard 2 bombs drop and explode. At the time I was in the Huts and on the sound of explosion and Bombs I went out to see what was happened. The anti-aircraft guns were then firing at the aeroplane it looked no more than a speck, high up on the clouds our shrapnel was bursting all around but she was not hit, but went seawards. After the firing ceased, our aeroplanes went in pursuit. The bombs dropped were not far off from where I was at the time. I think one bomb was dropped just outside the Seaplane Station and the other bomb was dropped just outside the Wireless Station by Dover Castle. I think there was no damage done to the Military Buildings. But 1 officer and 6 men injured, I think they belonged to the Royal Fusiliers.

Diary Entry - Sisters Wedding , 20 August 1916

My sister Raynah was married & I attended the ceremony at Notting Hill Shool. The reception was held at 113 Ladbroke Grove. I had enjoyed myself very much & left the reception at 6 o'clock. I left London by the 8 o'clock train and arrived in Dover 11.30

Diary Entry - Doctor Visit and Arrest, 02 February 1917

I reported sick. I went and saw the Doctor. I went sick because I had a sore throat & a bad cough, each time I coughed I brought up phlegm. The cough was more troublesome in the morning. When in the Doctors Room he asked what was the matter, I had only said a couple of words when all of a sudden he raged at me because I did not shave in the morning and asked me the reason for it. Of course, I being nervous, I was going to tell him, the reason why. Well it was because of my hands being numbed. But being nervous, I did not bring it out sharp enough. So about an hour later I was standing in the line waiting to pay. When the Serjeant Major called me out and put my under arrest. He called over one chap & the S.M. took my cap and marched me before the O.C. Captain Cummings. There the officer read a statement to me relating to an act about being shaved on Parade. He asked me if I have anything to say. Well I told him that my hands were numbed & I could not shave this morning. He passed sentence on me as follows. Two Days Pay stopped. While I was before the O.C. I was very nervous indeed. Being before him for the first time.

Diary Entry - German Prisoners, 31 July 1917

The whole country around Ypres was aflame with the flashes of the guns. About 6 o/c I saw the German Prisoners, & I also saw them in their Cage. The man looked very tired & no doubt suffering from shock. When they arrived at the Cage, they were given to eat and drink and they soon felt happy and comfortable. The German prisoners were a mixed lot, they were young and old.

Diary Entry - Jewish New Year, 17 September 1917

We left Abeebe for Sommerbra in France. We left about 9o/c AM & arrived at Popperinghe Station. On the way to the station, I was riding a Horse. I came across a large number of Jewish chaps who attended the New Year Services. At the station were were given each a packet of cigarettes. Fritz was sending over a few shells in Poperinghe. We left at 4.30 PM



Blooma Cohen (female)
Place of marriage:
Great Synagogue, Duke Street London 25/02/1925
Country of marriage:


John Cohen (male)


Lazarus Cohen (male)
Raynah Cohen "Raynold (1911 census)" (female)
Florence Cohen


Mother: Annie Cohen (female)

Military Record

Military service:
Military record no.:
Date enlisted/conscripted:
22 July 1916
Rank at discharge/death:
Royal Garrison Artillery
2/1 Lancs Heavy Battery
Royal Garrison Artillery
290 Siege Battery

Other Occupations

Type of employment:
Worked in a wine shop

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