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Morris Myer Gordon

3 Sivan 5675 (16 May 1915)

Basic Information

Unique reference:
Other first name:


Date of birth:
Place of birth:


Date of death:
3 Sivan 5675 (16 May 1915)
Died in combat?:
Place of death:
Cause of death:
Died of wounds - Fatally hit by a bursting shrapnel shell
Burial place:
Woburn Abbey Cemetery



Family home:
32 Jubilee Street, London (1915)
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Morris Myer Gordon

The Late Sergt. Gordon, 04 June 1915

Rifleman B. B. Harris, 17th London Regt, 2nd London Division T. F., British Expeditionary Force, writes to us as follows: “I write to you of the sad news the Sergt. M Gordon of the above regiment was killed in action on May 16th last, being fatally hit by a bursting shrapnel shell. His death was much regretted by the whole battalion (officers and men) of which he was a valuable unit. He was buried with all Jewish rites and the burial was conducted by the Jewish soldiers of the Battalion. The service was impressively carried out by Lieut. A. B. Walters and Rifleman L. Strauss. I am sorry to say but I can assure you in saying so, that the country has lost one of its finest soldiers and men, and one who upheld the good reputation of the British Army and Jewish race.”

A tribute from the Chaplain, Rev. M. Adler, 11 June 1915

I desire to pay a warm tribute of respect to the memory of one of my best friends in the London Territorial Regiments who has fallen at the front. Sergt. Gordon was a fine type of patriotic Jew and was recognised in his regiment as a splendid soldier. His interest in the work of recruiting for the 17th London resulted in a considerable number of his friends in Poplar and Stepney joining him at the outbreak of war. Next to the 4th London, the 17th contained the largest proportion of Jewish Lads. When, on two occasions, I conducted services at Hatfield for this unit, as did also my friend, the Rev. S. Levy, it was Gordon who arranged everything and acted as our right-hand man. His commanding officer informed me that he regarded Gordon as one of his best men and his brother soldiers greatly admired him. Before leaving home, and in several cheerful letters sent to me from the trenches, Gordon always expressed his resolve to do his best to uphold the Jewish name in the army and right well has he done so. In reporting to me, the details of the funeral of his fallen comrade, Pte M. Fraskell tells me tat a large number of the men of the regiment attended as well as several staff officers, and every respect was shown to the deceased. Our boys of the East End have done well in the war, the toll of death has been heavily exacted from them, and the memory of brave lads like Sergt. Gordon will ennoble English Jewry for all time.



Father: Abraham Gordon (male)
Mother: Rebecca Gordon (female)


Military Record

Military service:
Military record no.:
Date enlisted/conscripted:
09 March 1915
Date discharged/death:
16 May 1915
Rank at discharge/death:
London Regiment
17th Battalion

Roll of Honour

M. M. GORDON, 16 May 1915

Commonwealth Graves Commission

Date of Death:
Regiment / service:
17th Bn., London Regiment
Woburn Abbey Cemetery, Cuinchy
Grave reference:
II. D. 3.
Additional information:

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