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John Sidney Krailsheimer "Jack"

19 Tammuz 5676 (20 July 1916)

Basic Information

Unique reference:


Date of birth:
Place of birth:


Date of death:
19 Tammuz 5676 (20 July 1916)
Died in combat?:
Place of death:
Cause of death:
Died of wounds
Burial place:
St Sever Cemetery, Rouen



Family home:
Chislett House, Chislett Road, West Hampstead (1911)
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John Sidney Krailsheimer

The Late Jack Kreilsheimer, 28 July 1916

This country can never have a finer type of what our pride bids us term a representative English gentleman than she has lost in Jack Krailsheimer. He was very much out of the common in many ways and his sacrifice to the great Juggernaut of this terrible war is a source of deepest grief to those whose lives were touched by the bright sunshine of his happy existence.

As a boy, he was singularly lovable, and he grew into a man without losing any of his charm. He was a handsome, upright young Englishman with a clean heart—one of nature's gentlemen. I used to smile at his boyish essays and debating society speeches which were so full of the glory of the British Empire. It was the one subject that absorbed him—Britain, its past, its future, and its glory. Despite the fact that he was worshipped in his home and that he returned all the love he received and fully appraised it, he went into the army for foreign service at the first available moment.

His father, Mr. Julius Krailsheimer, one of the most respected men on the London Stock Exchange, had already been made to feel that there are some burdens for a brave and honest man to bear, and some of his friends suggested to Jack that he might change his German sounding name which, together with his being a Jew, might prove a challenge to the ignorant in the ranks, which he entered as a private. But Jack was strong; when speaking on this subject to me he was most emphatic. "My father's name has always been respected in the City of London. He has done nothing to make me other than proud of it, and I am going to stick to it." And in this spirit he went out to fight for the British prestige which had been the dream of his boyish essays and speeches. He had just the greatest quality of the greatest in English character, the ability to do the right thing undeterred by personal grievances and scornful of misunderstandings. I only wish all our fellow-countrymen had this spirit.

Mr. and Mrs, Krailsheimer have made deep friendships, and Mr. Krailsheimer's long, honourable and catholic charitable record will turn many hearts towards him, as to Jack—as an Englishman I will say that my country never had a better man, never a finer soldier, and never a truer lover of his nation. He was a brave gentleman, when he was a boy he used to beg me to comment on his schoolday essays on the British Empire. To his final essay I would append, in deep grief, in great love and in high hope, " I pray that the England of the future may be the better for him and may deserve him."



Walter Nathan Krailsheimer (male)
Leonard Oscar Krailsheimer (male)


Father: Julius (Julien) Krailsheimer (male)
Mother: Johanna Krailsheimer (female)


Military Record

Military service:
Military record no.:
Date enlisted/conscripted:
31 July 1915
Date discharged/death:
20 July 1916
Rank at discharge/death:
Invalided out of service:
10 July 1916
Royal Fusiliers
"A" Coy, 10th Battalion

Roll of Honour

J. S. KRAILSHEIMER, 20 July 1916

Commonwealth Graves Commission

Date of Death:
Regiment / service:
"A" Coy. 10th Bn., Royal Fusiliers
St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen
Grave reference:
Jewish (at W. end of Officers A). B. 3.
Additional information:

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