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John Isy Bland


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John Isy Bland

His First Story (written by John Isy Bland)

New stop

Holden known as to 113 stop Charles Dalton known said 600 stop Dick doesn’t do.

The town hall. The men of authority. The plotters of the first bold known as Z3. Z22. Z49. Z16. Z6. Z44. The King of Kings of the planet known as right fix. The fair ladies of the court of the Bligh bricks. The meeting between Dick and Bill with Mr Holden known as known as Z600. The result of that meeting. The tyrannical Queen of the Glyrophics the planet that is lost in the room fix. The planet beyond Jupiter. The war is forfeiture and the Nairobi Hills. Bill and Dick saved by the Bligh row fix some of the Bligh row fix. A promise by Phoebe and interest of the Bligh row fix to build a new planet for Bill and Dick on conditions. Charles Bronson later known as Z 600. Lim for Inverness which he never reaches. The meeting all said 113 with a 600 results in great friendship and later in daring adventures. Many others which will be outshone here as over story proceeds. Dr Jane a heart specialist at a meeting with.

1933 the lost world I never reach Inverness stop. Charles Broughton, August 2, 1933 time is seven stop 30. I arrive at King’s Cross. Between Inverness was as I said that 730 per express stop I was one of the crowd I have seen many a year, still my first class ticket pursue the stewards me of a seat and a sleeper which was at the engines and and up the train. After the porter had just put belongings in my compartment, I settled down in an easy chair, telling myself would have all I was to be disturbed about Dr fans warning! That my old heart needed a long rest. At last I had known why or child to worry about, and thought I was only 46 years old and a bachelor, I could look back very pleasant life, ever free from financial worry with a good exporting business left by my respectful dear father, and a good staff, I had nothing indeed to worry about. As I had many friends in England and in America that entertains me sufficiently to keep me from boredom. Now unless! Comes this heart! Here my old friend, indeed a great and clever heart specialist, remarked, well well old man, a few weeks rest somewhere in the invigorating air of Inverness were nine no your sister Mary has a delightful charming old house, will soon put you right again, yes that he and his car manner you have just a little heart of arteries and I am sure rest will put you right again, come and see me on your return Charles Carl, and I’ll tell you more about it. Yet I personally felt physically and mentally quite fit, a little tired sometimes but here I was in the train of two lovely Inverness to stay with the younger sister and brother in an hour. It’s just on 730, are! Here goes the whistle, we are off. Will I settle down and got an old book out of my bag and now I recall it, it’s really funny , the book was one or a G Wells man in the moon. Well after I should charge by my watch 8 o’clock, the waiter came in and said that diner is is open if you wish I can fix something along in here in your compartment. No said I, I’ll be along in a minute to get a snack in the diner. After a few minutes I go up from my chair intending to go through to the diner, but as I move there was a terrible crash! And then darkness! Utter darkness!

I arrived in the lost world. I woke or did I? Upon field with not a soul or house inside at least as far as I see. I sat on the grass, and there God of heaven I recall the shock might train’s journey Inverness. I recall the terrible crash, and I lose oblivion but in God’s name where was I! I thought have regained consciousness and in the days warped miles break God where was I?

Military Record

Military service:
Military record no.:
Date enlisted/conscripted:
14 December 1917
Date discharged/death:
31 March 1920
City of London Regiment - Royal Fusiliers
38th Battalion (1st Judeans)
Egypt Expeditionary Force
British War Medal
Victory Medal

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