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Hector Albert Moss

10 Tishri 5677 (07 October 1916)

Basic Information

Unique reference:


Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Montreal, Quebec Canada


Date of death:
10 Tishri 5677 (07 October 1916)
Died in combat?:
Place of death:
Le Transloy
Cause of death:
Killed in Action
Burial place:
Guards Cemetery, Lesboeufs



His home:
90 Priory Road, London


West End Synagogue
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Personal Journey map
Hector Albert Moss

Stay in hospital, 15 January 1915

He was interned in hospital for fourteen days until the 28th of January 1915 with inflammation of the glands in his groin.

Lieut. Hector Moss: A Tribute by L.G.

"To die on the Day of Kippur" our sages say, "is the death of the righteous; for it is the day when our sins are forgiven and God loves Israel best." On this day, then, was it that the late Lieut. Hector Moss answered the last Shofar call. Lieut. Moss, coming from a family of communal workers and from a home where Judaism is a real living faith, combined in his character the qualities of a patriotic Englishman and a steadfast Jew, ever upright in his daily life and proud of his race and religion. He served with the Volunteers and Territorials for close on seven years and reinlisted immediately on the outbreak of war. He soon found himself of French soil in the thick of the fight. After five months of active service he was invalided home to England, and on regaining his health he obtained a commission in the Middlesex Regiment. His superior officers found him an able officer, a born leader of men: his men recognised in him a friend who took a true and sympathetic interest in them. No wonder Hector Moss was popular with officers and men. Lieut. Moss was a member of the New West End Synagogue where he will be sadly missed, and a large number of relatives and friends will always remember him as one of our heroes, who have given their lives for a good and noble cause. Short was his life as we count it, but full in years for goodness and activity. May his soul rest in peace.
The following is an extract from the last letter (dated 6th inst.) written by Lieut. Moss to his mother: "This even is the Fast, I know. Strange enough we have a special stunt on. But if possible will try to keep the Fast. After which we are promised the long promised rest I wrote you about. But after all, all promises are made to be broken, aren't they?"



Edgar Moss (male)
Edward Moss (male)
Gerald Moss (male)
Corrie Moss (female)
Percy Lawrence Moss (male)
Reginald Moss (male)
Rosetta Moss "Rosie" (female)


Father: Jacob Edward Moss "John" (male)
Mother: Alice Joseph (female)


Military Record

Military service:
Date discharged/death:
07 October 1916
Rank at discharge/death:
London Regiment (Rifle Brigade)
Middlesex Regiment
7th Battalion

Roll of Honour

H. A. MOSS, 07 October 1916

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