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Harry Day MP

11 Tishri 5641 (16 September 1880)
3 Tishri 5700 (16 September 1939)

Basic Information

Unique reference:
Other first name:
Edward Lewis
Other surname:


Date of birth:
11 Tishri 5641 (16 September 1880)
Place of birth:


Date of death:
3 Tishri 5700 (16 September 1939)
Died in combat?:
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Harry Day MP


He sold tickets for Barnum & Bailey's travelling circus. He subsequently worked as a bill poster before gaining ownership of theatres in Bristol, Bedford and Dover. He was also briefly Harry Houdini's manager.
Day had managed Houdini's European tours. In June, 1900.
Day was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for Southwark Central at the 1924 general election, having unsuccessfully contested the seat in 1923. He was re-elected in 1929 with a much-increased majority, but when Labour split at the 1931 general election he lost the seat to a Conservative supporter of the National Government.
He was elected to the London County Council as a councillor for Southwark Central in the same year he lost his parliamentary seat.
Day regained his Commons seat at the 1935 general election, holding both parliamentary and council seats until his death.
In 1939, he became ill and travelled to Canada for his health. He died on his 59th birthday in Quebec.



Katherine Amelia Rea-Fox "Kitty Collyer" (female)
Other surname / Maiden name:
Place of marriage:
St Katherine's Church
Country of marriage:
Brixton, London


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