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David Solomon Katz


Basic Information

Unique reference:


Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Riga, Latvia


Died in combat?:



Family home:
Albion Road, Stoke Newington
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Personal Journey map
David Solomon Katz

Finding Leah

Family legend
When he arrived in London, someone showed him a photo of a girl, Leah Wasserman who was back in Riga. He declared that she would be his wife and she came over from Riga and they married. Her father was a kosher butcher and she came from a rather affluent family and he was from a working class background. Her mother had been killed in a pogrom back in Riga.

Money problems

Family legend
He was a master tailor and when he had work, they were fine but when he didn't they went hungry and only had food for Shabbos. The whole week would revolve around Shabbos where they always had a proper meal, even if the kids were only having bread and milk when they came home from school the rest of the week.

Leah was very bad at managing money and when they had money, she used to spend it on china, glass and linen and not save any. If she had money, she had to spend it and he was silly, as he always used to give her the money.

First world war bombings

Family legend
Their home was bombed during the Zeppelin raids so they had to leave the East End and moved to Stoke Newington.



Leah Wasserman (female)


Necha Katz "Lil" (female)
Phoebe Katz (female)
Rebecca Katz "Bessie" (female)
Tilly Katz (female)
Sarah Katz (female)
Deborah Katz (female)
Rachel Katz (female)
Annie Katz (female)
Faygye Katz (female)
Ada Katz (female)
Avraham Katz "Alf" (male)
Len Katz (male)

Other Occupations

Type of employment:
Self-employed tailor

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